Saturday, September 24, 2011

How I Didn't Meet Your Father

Inspired by Ted Mosby, I too have been paying extra special attention to any and all interactions that could lead me to "the one." But unlike a hilarious sit-com, my life is far more awkward. Even though I haven't found my soul mate, I do have some pretty entertaining stories on how to effectively stay single. 

So here it goes kids...

It was the winter of 2011. I was at a camp in the snowy mountains of California with a group of high school students. Not being much of a nature enthusiast, I spent most of my time sipping hot chocolate in the lounge and trying to look busy. At our first leader meeting I saw him. He was funny and charming and most importantly, he was British. I swooned. I immediately starting formulating casual ways to strike up a conversation with him (while mentally coordinating dress colors with floral arrangements). As the weekend progressed, it seemed as if our "natural" encounter was never going to happen - at least not where I could control my sweat level. Finally on the last day, I saw him in line at the cafeteria. Like a hawk I swept in. Standing directly behind him I suddenly realized I had no plan. "Hi!" I blurted out. He turned around surprised, obviously wondering who was trying to assault him in the lunch line. "I'm Natalie!" I said, sticking my hand out to where his should have been. I looked down in horror. He was holding a full tray of food. He fumbled with the tray for a second trying to rescue my dying hand but the physics just weren't working. Aware of how fast this was failing I stuttered, "Uhh, want to rub elbows?" He looked down in slight disbelief. "Umm sure," he relented. Then it happened. The rough skin of our elbows smashed together for one brief and thoroughly awkward moment before I turned around and bolted back towards the table. 

And we lived happily never after...         

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