Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You

I kneel at the cross, my face in the dust
Humbled by the grace I daily mistrust

Innocent he bled, faithfully following the command
For my sins he was pierced, the nails driven by my hand

Shamed with a crown of thorns, tattered clothes and whips
He endured with a purpose, my name on his lips

A love so great no evil could have ever diminished
He rescued his child and cried, “It is finished”

Shackled by sins, all of mankind in its prison
Through death I am free, my King is risen

For the times I have doubted, scoffed in disbelief
Shame overflows, my heart weighed with grief

 In misery he died, my wretched soul to reconcile
With my face in his hands he weeps, “You are worthwhile”

With gratitude I give you this life, this voice
May the love in my heart forever rejoice

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