Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top 10 Things To Do In Your Early 20's:

As Taylor Swift famously summarizes in her song "22", surviving young adulthood can be "happy, free, confusing, at the same time - it's miserable and magical - oh yeah."  With the economy in a downturn, tuition costs on the rise, and no sign of an N'Sync reunion tour, it's easy for us Millennials to feel blue. To put some perspective in that pout, here's a list of my favorite quarter-life adventures you can try:

10) Go on a road trip - Nothing is more fun than grabbing a few friends, some beef jerky, and a pop playlist and hitting the open road! (If you're extra cool, you'll hit Vegas with your Grandma like me!) 

9) Try yoga - It's really not bad. I promise.

8) Be an intern - Gain valuable work experience and set yourself up for possible employment after college. And don't worry, not all internships feel like a scene from "The Devil Wears Prada."

 7) Run a 5K - Signing up for 5K's is a great way to stay in shape and run for causes you care about. You don't have to be an Olympian to participate. (My first 5K took me so long to finish that there were literally only 10 people waiting at the finish of them was my Aunt.)

6) Be a mentor - Even though you may not feel like you have it all figured out, pouring into the next generation is so important. Giving your time, advice, and encouragement to a youth can impact their life forever.

5) See your favorite band in concert - There's no greater feeling of accomplishment than seeing your favorite musicians live (besides maybe graduating medical school or getting married). Don't forget to wear sensible shoes and always splurge a little on the merchandise!  

 4) Leave the country - Experiencing the human condition outside of your familiar surroundings is powerful during these formative years. Explore and appreciate all this world has to offer - and do it soon before you're working 9-5 and running a soccer carpool.

3) Pick a major - Instead of begrudgingly dragging your feet through college, use this time to take classes that actually interest you and pick a major that fits your natural talents and passions.

2) Join a small group - For those of us who feel lost on large campuses or commuter schools, finding a core group of friends is crucial. College is also the perfect time to personalize and strengthen your faith.

1) Enjoy the in-between - Appreciate this time of growth (however long and awkward it may be) and try not to look too far behind or ahead. Where you are now is equally as important as where you will be.

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