Monday, September 9, 2013

Showered in Showers

This weekend I went to my first ever round of baby and bridal showers. It was two days full of party dresses, finger sandwiches, timed word searches, and present unwrapping. As I nudge closer to my mid-twenties, I'm sure these events will seem routine but this weekend I was overwhelmed.

As I sat and watched my friends open  their gifts and show off their rings and baby bumps, I was flooded with joy. Each girl had a distinct, beautiful glow about her. I was remembering how I had met each girl, the times we had gotten together, the jokes we shared, and the prayers we prayed. Even though I only met them a few years ago, when you know each other in this phase of young adulthood, it really feels like you've grown up together in a strange sort of way.

As they sat in the middle of a huddle of their closest friends, relatives, and mountains of pink presents, I marveled at how grown up they were - of how grown up we all were. Showers allow us to step arm-in-arm  into the next chapter of life. I am so honored to share these moments with my friends and to celebrate the love and new adventures in their lives.

I'm soaking up every moment in this season because life really does happen so fast.

Congratulations to my lovely friends, Erin and Mariah. You are going to be the most incredible wives and mothers!

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