Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snapshots Part I


Red flannel jumper and a crisp white-collared shirt underneath that always grated the back of my neck. Headband and little shoes that skipped across the four square courts at recess. Lutherans crossed their shoulders when they prayed and I copied quick. We always had pizza on Fridays after chapel. I won the relay race and hung the shiny blue ribbon in my room. I wrote a story about “Ruby the Robot” and my teacher with the short gray hair and stout waddle said it was too long. Carl was a boy scout and whistled when I walked by. It made my cheeks hot. Lyna fell off the monkey bars and bright red covered her mouth and left a puddle in the dirt. She got to go home. I sang a solo covered in gold painted stars and my Daddy cried. The older boy on the black top called me fat during a game of volleyball. He hit someplace new. Tear-filled eyes told the lady with the whistle around her neck who patted my head and kept talking. I knew I would never forget it.

Preslie 3/7/15

Chlorine-pruned fingers intertwined
looking up counting colors in the sky
Green eyes that change with her mood
Lilac breeze
Head tilts back in laugh’s ecstasy
She loves cats and the color purple
Can’t wait to be nine
Oliver and Company makes her cry
“Who wouldn’t want a little kitten in a box?”
Denim dresses above her knees
Needed new shoes today
Stop time
Before she dries up and stops seeing cotton candy in the sky
I love watching moods change
the green in her eyes

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